Is my Center Pivot at risk of failure?

Almost 50 percent of Center Pivot irrigation systems in New Zealand are over 10 years old. This means they are now beyond half their serviceable life and issues will be starting to occur. There are also many Center Pivot systems that have been installed on rolling hill country, or that climb up and down river […]

Irrigators leading change

Technology – the biggest change Technology has been the biggest and most exciting change in the irrigation sector and much of this was initially triggered by the water metering regulations 2010. There were a wide range of viewpoints around metering, some supportive of its compulsory introduction, others arguing against it and stating that real-time measurement […]

Specialist irrigation advice and support crucial

After a month back out in the field it’s become clear there is an urgent need for tailored advice and services. Irrigation and Irrigation good management practice advice is all about what works for the farm in question not a blanket recipe. We visited a client last week where the audit requirement was to ‘Do a Bucket Test’ […]


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