Irrigation Support

System Assessment

We test your irrigation system, let you know how it is performing, what you need to do to resolve any issues, and support you with on-going monitoring.

Scheduling Service

We work with you to create a simple irrigation management plan for your farm and provide an independent irrigation monitoring service to support you implement it.


We help you determine what you need, design the system, run the tender, project manager installation, and commission the system.


We develop and deliver tailored practical workshops to suit your needs. We also deliver the irrigation management, performance assessment and design NZQA qualifications.


We provide you with a 'wet commissioning' report to ensure the installation meets your design specifications, and if there are issues we help you resolve these.


We help you work through how fertigation is best integrated within your farming system and irrigation equipment, select the appropriate solution, and provide you with clear operating procedures.


We help you work through your effluent treatment, storage and land application needs and provide you with a set of clear specifications to take to your preferred supplier.

Fish Screens

We help you work through your site specific requirements, and then design an intake, screen and bypass that meets your current and future needs.

Advice and Support

We are here to help - if you have a question about irrigation, effluent or fertigation call us and we can help you find the answer.