At Matai Consultants, we only undertake Full Performance Assessments (Irrigation WOF). Our assessments are always undertaken by an experienced and qualified person, which enables us to provide recommendations to fix any issues found alongside our findings. We believe farmers and growers are better-off investing in quality assessments of their irrigation equipment every 3-5 years, rather than ticking the ‘Bucket Test’ compliance box.

Example Performance Assessment Reports

Types of irrigation system assessments:

  1. An Annual Check involves pre and post start-up mechanical, pressure and flow checks to ensure your irrigation system is operating correctly. It is also prudent to periodically undertake these during the irrigation season, particularly for older equipment.
  2. Bucket Test is an indicative check of the depth and evenness (uniformity) of the irrigation being applied. As no pressure or flow measurements are taken and a limited number of data points are sampled it is difficult to trouble-shoot any issues found. If you have a poor bucket test result, you must undertake a Full Performance Assessment to identify any issues prior to haranguing your service company as this will avoid unnecessary angst.
  3. Full Performance Assessments are the only way to assess an irrigation system with confidence. They are highly recommended if you are observing issues with crop production, energy or water consumption, but should also be undertaken at regular intervals throughout an irrigation systems life – we suggest every 3-5 years. They involve buckets being placed at 5 metre spacing’s so we can pinpoint individual sprinkler or regulator issues, alongside measurements of pressure, flow. This allows us to calculate depth, application rate and uniformity. Full Performance Assessments are the only effective means of systematically trouble-shooting irrigation system issues.


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